How To Answer Interview Questions About Your Weaknesses

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Who else hates interview questions about your greatest weaknesses? We all know not to say anything bad about ourselves in job interviews, so many job seekers answer this question in a way that’s obviously fake…have you ever said, “I’m a perfectionist,” or “I work too hard?” Interviewers will see right through this and probably come back to ask it in … Read More

Recruiter reviews 40,000 CVs, identifies 5 worst candidate mistakes

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Recruiters are inundated with CV’s, résumés and cover letters – but a candidate can really ruin their legitimacy if they make these mistakes, says Tina Nicolai, Founder of Résumé Writers’ Ink. Nicolai, who began work as a recruiter for Walt Disney World in the late 1990s, told Business Insider she noticed that many job seekers were submitting flawed CVs. “Since … Read More